Who We Are

Clifford Capital is a specialist provider of structured finance solutions established with support from the Government of Singapore. We help Singapore companies, as well as companies with a nexus to Singapore, to grow internationally and capture new business in the global market place. Since our inception in 2012, we have committed over US$2 billion to various projects around the world including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America.


How We Can Help

We offer competitive and bespoke project finance, asset-backed and other structured debt financing solutions for eligible Singapore-based companies in support of their overseas investments or exports in the infrastructure, offshore marine and shipping sectors. Our global remit enables us to support our clients particularly in distant markets.

Our Capabilities

Clifford Capital’s primary focus is on senior debt financing with a more selective offering of mezzanine debt financing. In 2016, we supported the establishment of a new investment company, Pierfront Capital, to expand the scope of our mezzanine finance solutions, with a view to providing our clients with more financing options as they seek to grow their businesses.

Our Commitment

With in-depth expertise and an active role in the origination, structuring and distribution of structured finance debt in our coverage sectors, Clifford Capital aims to catalyse the development of a vibrant capital market in Singapore and to cement Singapore’s position as a leading infrastructure and maritime hub.


The Singapore government formed an Economic Strategies Committee (“ESC”) to formulate strategies and solutions that would position Singapore for its next phase of economic growth. As part of its findings, the ESC identified that Singapore-based companies faced certain constraints in their quest for growth in overseas markets.

One such constraint was the access to and availability of cross-border financing, in particular for large ticket, long-term project finance.
Clifford Capital was subsequently established as an independent, commercially managed company to address these market gaps identified by the ESC and by doing so, act as a catalyst to facilitate more cross-border business opportunities for Singapore-based companies.

Initially, we focused on project finance and asset backed finance for the infrastructure and offshore marine sectors, where Singapore-based companies have globally competitive strengths.
We expanded our coverage to include shipping and also introduced buyer’s credit financing solutions in support of the export of certain equipment and capital intensive products and solutions from Singapore. We also expanded on the mezzanine financing solutions available to our clients with the establishment of Pierfront Capital.
Clifford Capital structured and executed the first infrastructure project finance securitisation in Asia. This is a significant milestone with the creation of a new asset class to facilitate institutional investor access to infrastructure debt in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Strong demand was seen from a variety of institutional investors including insurance companies, pension funds, endowment funds, family offices, specialised asset managers as well as individual sophisticated investors.
Looking Ahead
We continue to look into new sectors and products that can add value to Singapore-based companies seeking to grow their businesses in overseas markets and to contribute to the dialogue at the Government level on this subject as well as on positioning Singapore as an infrastructure and maritime hub.

Our Vision

To be a champion that supports Singapore companies and companies with a nexus to Singapore in the infrastructure and maritime sectors by providing competitive and innovative debt financing solutions across the capital structure.

To catalyse the development of a vibrant capital market in Singapore focused on the origination, structuring and distribution of debt in these industry sectors and to cement Singapore’s position as a leading infrastructure and maritime hub.